Earlier in June, Afrinolly opened a call to film makers to pitch for the Cinema4Change films. Films which were a product of a screen writers workshop held in April where over 20 top notch screen writers in Nigeria were expose to research works that would guide in the development of screenplays that would not only highlight.. read more →

Scripts from screenwriters who attended the Afrinolly Cinema4Change Screenwriters workshop have now been compiled. Film makers interested in directing any of this scripts can now apply to pitch. You can apply to pitch for more than one story. Interested film makers in Nigeria should click the link below to apply. PITCH 4 CHANGE read more →

After successfully hosting a stakeholders workshop with organizations at the vanguard of social change and a couple of film makers, Afrinolly hosted 25 top notch screen writers for a week to discuss the series of social change issues that have been identified and to expose screen writers to research works that would guide in the development.. read more →

Afrinolly (with the support of Ford Foundation) hosted the Cinema4Change workshop in Lagos, on January 31, 2014. The workshop took place at Protea Hotel (Maryland), and it was a gathering of industry veterans, young filmmakers, and other stakeholders in the Nigerian film industry. The workshop was an intense engagement on the need for making films.. read more →