About Cinema4Change

Cinema or Film, as an art is above the barriers of language or tribe. How often we enjoy a foreign language film even while juggling between reading the sub titles and watching the scene? This is because everybody in the world craves for a story well told – the language and idiom of Cinema is universal and belongs to our shared humanity.

Afrinolly Cinema4Change project seeks to use the power of film to build a dramatic structure that helps people to not only see the person or issues that a film can address, but also see themselves in that story. Our goal is to use the power of film to strengthen communities and improve lives. Afrinolly believes that by partnering with non-profits, public sector organizations and corporations Nigerian film makers can create films that are artistically compelling and socially significant.

Afrinolly Cinema4Change is a shortfilm-production intervention that utilizes emerging filmmakers to integrate social-change themes in making consumer-oriented and market friendly shortfilm in order to drive social-change in Nigeria. This will serve numerous NGOs who have success story that needs to be communicated through docu-drama and disseminated through both physical and digital platforms.

Afrinolly hopes to build through Cinema4Change a platform for untold stories to be told through film and inspire people to create social change. We use the power of film to raise awareness of important social, environmental and other-related issues glossed over by mainstream media while also communicating the change society needs.

Cinema4Change has been made possible with the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

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About Afrinolly

Afrinolly – winner of the Google Android Developers Challenge, 2011 in the Entertainment Category is a mobile application focused on promoting African entertainment most especially African movies, music and celebrities. Afrinolly has been downloaded by over 4 million users worldwide and has remained at the forefront of maximizing technology and mobile options for viewing and distributing Africa-generated entertainment especially Nollywood. Afrinolly has grown to be the most downloaded Entertainment app, designed and developed in Africa

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