04 Jun 2014
June 4, 2014


[quote title=””]Synopsis: Timothy would run whenever his father tried to inject him against malaria. so when he ran that night, Obajimi knew his son would come home to bed that night and be injected just like everyone in the family. though a semi illiterate motor mechanic, he felt he needed to keep his family safe. so as the candle in the room burnt to an end, Obajimi injected himself and the rest of the family that night, but something was wrong. the candle fire got to the wooden table and continue burning and Obajimi could only watch, helpless. Later, Timothy wakes up from the bench outside and walks in, wishing his father would not wake up and inject him. [/quote]

Screenwriter : Ben Chiadika

Ben-ChiadikaBio: Ben Chukwudi Chiadika has always had a strong passion for drama, on stage in the screen or audio. I love to act, I love to direct. Its like being part of creation. I love to write, to kill and make alive as I will, there I play God and get away with it. As a pastor I love to impact lives with hope and see them become like Jesus.

Growing up as an African, I became fascinated with almost everything Movie. I consider myself a self-taught actor and an avid movie maker. Writing, directing, Producing and Acting has been a long passion of mine. I began acting when I was 13 years old, and I have continued doing so ever since. Aesthetically, I prefer lively, understanding and impact able dramas.

Because of my versatility I bring to whatever I do much more than is expected of me. I have been able to achieve even under extreme pressure, and my goal is to be part of a team producing the best quality programs for Television Stations in Africa. To be able to Chronicle Africa in colour to the world.

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