03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014

The Scheme of Things

[quote title=””]Synopsis: Oyama Etaba, is a 35 year old banker; charming, intelligent, lazy (or so everyone thinks). His position at work is fragile. His friend, Kelly Ovat makes contact with Chief Agbor, an affable, gregarious political godfather who employs them to rig the elections. He will, in turn, ensure that they never want for anything again.
During the voter registration exercise, Kelly gets hurt, Oyama approaches the chief for help and is rebuffed, making him realize how unimportant they are in the scheme of things. He returns to work a sober, more reflective and determined person. [/quote]

Screenwriter : Pearl Osibu

Pearl-OsibuBio: My name is Pearl Osibu; writer, blogger and fashion designer. Several of my short stories, and articles have been published in many literary publications as well as entertainment and family life/styles magazines. Recently, I added screenwriting to my list of skills, thanks to the Afrinolly workshop. Oh and the workshop found me. I was just minding my business. I am working on a screenplay, my first novel, several short stories, and I blog concurrently. It’s one screenplay and short story at a time. The ideas are jostling to be addressed ‘pick me pick me’ but I am working my way through them, a story at a time, a script at a time.

Social Issues: I decided to address the theme of Governance and conflict. I believe that whatever issues we are tackling as a society, it begins with the leadership , and in choosing our leaders, we have the primary role. We botch that and everything goes downhill quickly.