03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014

The Road

[quote title=””]Synopsis: A dilapidated road runs through the rustic town of Udo and slowly turns the bus driving business of Osaro Osagie into a living hell. Desperate to relocate to Lagos and give his heavily pregnant wife and unborn child a better shot at life, he against the advice of his wife, accepts the position of grassroots organizer for the re-election senatorial campaign of his childhood friend and repentant fraudster, IK Ogbebor, a decision that begins his spiral into a world of violence, deceit, corruption, and ultimately death which finally enables the birth of a new dawn for the people of Udo. [/quote]

Screenwriter : Jude Idada

Jude-IdadaBio: A winner of an AMAA best screenplay award, the Goethe Institut Afrika Projekt and a finalist in the New Directions Filmmakers of the future project by MNET. He was also selected as one of the screenwriters for the Toronto International Film Festival’s ADAPT THIS! Project. Jude directed the stage plays “Flood,” “Brixton Stories,” “Lost” and “Coma”, the later which he adapted for screen is currently in pre-production. He has written a collection of short stories “A Box of Chocolates”, an anthology of poetry “Exotica Celestica”, a stage play “Oduduwa – King of the Edos” and the first book in a trilogy of novels “By My Own Hands.”

Social Issues: This screenplay is an exploration of the socio-political significance of the “VOTE” in the arena of democracy. It’s main and sub themes being “Karmic justice” and “Sacrificial love.” Whilst the driving philosophy is “The existence of bad leadership is enabled by bad followership.” The process was cathartic and self empowering.