03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014

The Measure of a Man

[quote title=””]Synopsis: LARA, 42, diligent and principled, lives in the laps of luxury until her husband dies. Lonely and hard up after her in laws strip her and her three children of her late husband’s wealth, she sends her first son, Chinedu, to live with her husband’s brother. Unfortunately, Chinedu returns a few years after with the wiles of an Advanced Fee Fraudster. Lara, despite her values, does not demur until the Police arrest Chinedu. “The Measure of a Man” is the story of how a mother uses her power of influence to help her son understand what the core of manhood truly is. [/quote]

Screenwriter : Adeola Ike

Adeola-IkeBio: My name is Adeola Ike. My ‘sweet spot’ is dreaming up stories. Scripts for the soaps ‘ROUGH EDGES’ and ‘CYBERIA’, and the TV series, ‘LIVING IN LAGOS’, were thus conceived.
I have published a novel, ‘NO HIDING PLACE’; created and produced the 5-minute Radio drama, ‘BOURNVITA NOURISHING MOMENTS’, and have an unpublished anthology of poems.
I moonlight as a Theatrical Agent. Sometimes, I blog on Google+.
Recently, I had a capacity boost and gained mileage at the Cinema4Change workshop, from which a 15-minute movie, The Essence of a Man’ was birthed.
In future, I hope to write more and direct.

Social Issues: It addresses the Psycho-economic menace of Advanced Fee Fraudsters, aka 419. I chose it because of personal barraging from such people.
I tried to write from the Point Of View of the criminal, but eventually did so from that of his complicit mother.