03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014

The Dutiful Wife

[quote title=””]Synopsis: Ibidun has what every woman wants: the love of her husband, Francis; the security of his wealth; and the honour of his status as a leader in the Church. This is the very reason she has no choice but to keep quiet about the secret he hid from her before they got married– Francis is impotent. Ibidun keeps her husband’s secret but the thirst for passion draws her into the arms of Ade, her lover. All hell threatens to break lose, however, when Ibidun discovers that she’s pregnant. Torn between the obligations of her various roles and relationships, Ibidun must decide what to do with the life growing inside of her. It’s a journey on which she gains the courage to reach for the life she has always wanted. [/quote]

Screenwriter : Tayo Abereoje

Tayo-AbereojeBio: Tayo Abereoje is an emerging filmmaker with particular interest in developing content for the African market. Having her undergraduate degree in English and Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, she obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film from Howard University in 2011. Her education at Howard challenged her to improve her skills as a writer, director, producer, and editor as she worked on her own narrative shorts and documentary and assisted on her peers’ sets. Through the Creative Minds in Cannes program, she attended the 2009 Cannes Film Festival where she premiered her student short adaptation of “Fat City” at the Short Film Corner and interned briefly at the internationally renowned talent agency, ICM. She wrote, produced, directed, and edited her first major screen project, “Atunbi,” and released the short film in 2012 with the hopes of developing it into a feature length project. She has also co-produced and directed music videos, interned as a Production Assistant, and delivered great performances in a few stage plays.
In addition, Tayo has experience in print media having interned at both CosmoGirl and Seventeen Magazines, and worked as a Copy Editor Trainee at Cadmus Communications. Her print experience also includes editorial work on two inspirational books, and serving as senior editor and designer of DreamWorks Magazine.

Her recent projects include: shooting and editing a pilot for a Ghanian children’s show; writing for Ghanian television series, “Adam’s Apples” and “Tenant;” writing for the premiere African soap opera, “Tinsel;” writing for the M-NET short film series, “Afriwood;” writing “The Dutiful Wife” for the Afrinolly/Ford Foundation Cinema for Change project; and developing the wedding videography arm of her production company, Black Royal Pictures.
Tayo lives in Accra, Ghana, but plans to eventually relocate to Nigeria to better pursue her independent film and television aspirations.

Social Issues: To be honest, abortion was not a social issue that was consciously on my radar prior to the Cinema for Change workshop. It was only toward the end of the program that I realized my choice to write about abortion must have been subconsciously influenced by the heart wrenching image of a premature baby I had seen a few days before workshop began. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it. In researching the factors surrounding abortion in Nigeria, I realized that though our culture celebrates life, our people don’t necessarily value life. Despite the laws guarding abortion in Nigeria, too many children become casualties in their parents’ valid struggle for survival– and at times, the parents themselves also become casualties in the process. I therefore wrote the “The Dutiful Wife” to explore the “legitimate” circumstances that lead our women to abort their children, and to also explore the value system to which our society subscribes.