03 Jun 2014
June 3, 2014


[quote title=””]Synopsis: HENNA is a story about 13 year old Reina with dreams in a village where young girls a married out at a young age. She is terrified as she is asked to drop out of school and get married but after the death of her father’s last wife and close friend, 15 year old Amina from RVF, Reina does not just stop at being terrified but seeks to turn her dream for a better life and proper education into a reality. She is a girl, but her voice must be heard.[/quote]

Screenwriter : Alexandra Hul

Alexandra-Hul-AveBio: My name is Alexandra K Hul. My journey to filmmaking started in 2012 and since then I have written the Afrinolly and Homevida award winning short film TO SERVE WITH ALL OUR STRENGTH, written and directed the AIFF nominated short film I GAMES which also went on to win an award at the In short film festival. The cinema for change workshop was exiting, entertaining, educating and empowering. The workshop helped me harness my skills and also discover the ability to impact my community through storytelling. I look forward to writing more inspiring stories.

Social Issues: My story tackles problems of reproductive health and education in rural northern communities with staunch cultural and religious beliefs. It deals with the plight of young girls living in these communities and is aimed at enlightening people on Girl child education and the harmful effects of child marriage.