02 Jun 2014
June 2, 2014

My Brother’s Keeper

[quote title=””]Synopsis: A story of two teenage brothers who have opposing ideals; one wants to change his immediate environment by fixing the roads in his own little way, while the other joins political thugs to get votes for a local politician. In the ensuing electoral violence their mother is affected as well as their house which makes the brother who joins the thugs to have a change of heart.[/quote]

Screenwriter : Bunmi Familoni

Bunmi-FamiloniBio:  I am Bunmi Familoni, a writer and chartered accountant in training. I have had my short stories published in various literary fora such as Storymoja Africa, Klorofyl, Naija Stories. For me, the workshop was a wonderful introduction to screenwriting which I found very enlightening. The manuscript for my collection of short stories is presently with my publishers, it should be out this year.

Social Issues: The social issue I focused on was political/electoral violence and governance as a whole. I chose that story because of the effect of electoral violence and political thuggery on my immediate environment (Ibadan) and since it is almost time for another round of elections (2015).